Thursday, 26 May 2011

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

How do you do marketing? I’ve asked myself that a lot lately. Looking around at other amazing crafters and reading posts on online forums and such there seem to be as many different ways of doing it as there are crafters. But maybe I’m starting at the wrong end here... I don’t even have a shop yet! Oh, my mind’s a mess!

Choosing a shop is a business in itself I find. I’ve been thinking about etsy, but I’ve heard both good and really bad things about it. It’s also huge, which might be good and bad at the same time. There is Misi, which I have tried, but do not particularly like. Folksy I’m curious about and should really look into. And there are various other free/pay services out there. Do you have any advice? What should I think about when choosing a venue for my shop?

Between thinking about the shop and marketing I’ve done some crafting, believe it or not! And I’ll be posting some pictures the coming days. Oh and I now also have a “like” page on facebook! Feel free to head there and like it, it would make me happy.

See you soon!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Taking it one step at a time

Hi again, as i told you on sunday my name is Erica and I'm a Swede in exile, online I'm mostly known as Svala though. Svala is in some ways my creative alterego. You'll see a great deal of her here I'm sure. This blog will be dedicated to my UK craft adventure and my effort of spreading my craft pieces and message to you, the world. Basicly, how do you start out selling crafts online, how do you find your customers, how do you network, do marketing etc. All these questions, and more, I'm hoping to answer by letting you follow me from the beginning.

I started out bloging in 2008. Back then it was mostly about my art work and everyday life as a full time student at University, me writing more for friends then anything. Since then my "other" blog has grown into including more crafts then art and I have a fairly strong base of other swedish crafters reading it for inspiration and charing of ideas. But I'm not living in Sweden anymore. I'm here, in London with my partner and best friend James trying to get into the english community. Not the easiest thing to do with all the spending cuts etc. I volonteer and apply for art teaching jobs, without much success so far, but I'm still trying. Svala Got Craft Tourettes is my way of trying to take my situation into my own hands. Do what I know I can do and try to make the best of my own resources. If you'd like to know a little bit more there's now some info on the about Svala Got Craft Tourettes page in the sidebar. You can always ask me a question too!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Coming soon

Hi there,
my name is Erica and I'm just about to start a craft adventure. If you'd like to tag a long feel free to come back later...

See you soon!