Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dodgy internet = change of service

Hi! Internet is still my worst enemy and it’s gone so far we’re actually changing service. So keep your fingers crossed and hold your thumbs that I’ll be back with pictures and shops by the end of next week!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Dodgy internet = lots of craft

Hey there! I’m currently having some annoying internet problems… Our connection seems to go after a few minutes making everything a test in patience. Not much blogging or anything else done online because of it. And I so wanted to set up my shop and all... It’s funny how a lot of things seem to break or give trouble at the same time. 

Never mind, there are lots of fun stuff around to think about rather than this. Crafting for instance, which I’ve done a lot more with internet being so dodgy. (I even did a tidy up in my craft corner!) So I thought I’d show you a little bit of what I’ve made and what I’m planning to sell online in the future. 

There’s some crochet and some recycled coffee package bracelets and necklaces to start with. I’m experimenting with lots of different things too, like making face charms in wire puting them on ribbons for necklaces. I really enjoy doing them! They look so cute and funny. Makes me giggle a little inside every time I look at them. I’ll post some photos of them later when I got some better light for photographing them then today’s rain allows.

James and I will start our weekend with homemade pizza and a trip to the library. Not bad at all if you ask me. Tomorrow we’ll spend some time on a train and then with family away from London, which I’m very much looking forward too. Bets on I’ll be bringing some craft our other with me... 

Monday, 6 June 2011

10 Things that inspire me in no particular order

  • Old textiles – I find mended patched and loved textiles very inspirational as well as traditional cloths from long ago. I get so fascinated by the hands that made and the knowledge they held, how they seemed to use every little scrap material in a very efficient way and how what was made always was functional but adorned to make it an object nice and pleasing too.
  • Nature – Forests, preferably evergreens and my favourite pine, wind, water, the sea, birds, clean air and stillness.
  • Other artists and crafters – Online or IRL, there are so many wonderful blogs out there I feel inspired by and old ladies at craft cafés I’ve been to too. Friends’ art work and creative messes...
  • Details – You know those little details in everyday life. The colour of a flower on a walk, a broken tile on the underground, the random arranged mess on the kitchen table, the surface of a brick wall, the shadow of a spider... Things you pass by if you don’t slow down and really look.
  • Colours – colours on anything, outdoors, indoors, on objects, in a movie...
  • Music – “Visual music”, you know the kind of music that makes you create images in your head. I love that kind of music.
  • Art – images of all kinds. If they “speak” to me I get inspired.
  • Books – books with lots of pictures, art and craft books, the fantastic literature, tales...
  • Sketchbooks – mine or others, sketchbooks are like little treasures. If you’ve never had a sketchbook... get one! It’s great fun and good for when inspiration is low or slow coming. You can scribble down ideas, drawings, poems and glue things in it or whatever. In a way it’s like an extended version of a notebook.
  • Creative accidents – you know when you meant something to turn out in a certain way but it didn’t. Instead you ended up with something new, not necessarily better, but new and exciting.

What inspires you?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Days fly by and all I want to do is craft

Bank holiday weekend went by in a flash. We’ve had some domestic issues the past week. First the washing machine broke and when that was fixed we had a bit of a water leak under the sink and apparently our shower is now taking its last breaths. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting around for engineers and plumbers as well as trying to catch up with the ever growing pile of washing. Weekend was a big tidy up and sort out event so as you might imagine not much have been done or planed for Svala Got Craft Tourettes. 

I have however done some crafting. There’s always time for crafting! Mostly I’ve been doing some recycled coffee package bracelets and necklaces. A little bit of crochet has been squeezed in too. There is very little craft here so far and maybe some of you are curious about what I can make and do. There is always my old blog, still up and running, with lots of creative messes so feel free to have a peek there or you can visit my flickr. Will be back soon with more craft pics and hopefully a shop you can check out.