Monday, 6 June 2011

10 Things that inspire me in no particular order

  • Old textiles – I find mended patched and loved textiles very inspirational as well as traditional cloths from long ago. I get so fascinated by the hands that made and the knowledge they held, how they seemed to use every little scrap material in a very efficient way and how what was made always was functional but adorned to make it an object nice and pleasing too.
  • Nature – Forests, preferably evergreens and my favourite pine, wind, water, the sea, birds, clean air and stillness.
  • Other artists and crafters – Online or IRL, there are so many wonderful blogs out there I feel inspired by and old ladies at craft cafés I’ve been to too. Friends’ art work and creative messes...
  • Details – You know those little details in everyday life. The colour of a flower on a walk, a broken tile on the underground, the random arranged mess on the kitchen table, the surface of a brick wall, the shadow of a spider... Things you pass by if you don’t slow down and really look.
  • Colours – colours on anything, outdoors, indoors, on objects, in a movie...
  • Music – “Visual music”, you know the kind of music that makes you create images in your head. I love that kind of music.
  • Art – images of all kinds. If they “speak” to me I get inspired.
  • Books – books with lots of pictures, art and craft books, the fantastic literature, tales...
  • Sketchbooks – mine or others, sketchbooks are like little treasures. If you’ve never had a sketchbook... get one! It’s great fun and good for when inspiration is low or slow coming. You can scribble down ideas, drawings, poems and glue things in it or whatever. In a way it’s like an extended version of a notebook.
  • Creative accidents – you know when you meant something to turn out in a certain way but it didn’t. Instead you ended up with something new, not necessarily better, but new and exciting.

What inspires you?

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