Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Days fly by and all I want to do is craft

Bank holiday weekend went by in a flash. We’ve had some domestic issues the past week. First the washing machine broke and when that was fixed we had a bit of a water leak under the sink and apparently our shower is now taking its last breaths. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting around for engineers and plumbers as well as trying to catch up with the ever growing pile of washing. Weekend was a big tidy up and sort out event so as you might imagine not much have been done or planed for Svala Got Craft Tourettes. 

I have however done some crafting. There’s always time for crafting! Mostly I’ve been doing some recycled coffee package bracelets and necklaces. A little bit of crochet has been squeezed in too. There is very little craft here so far and maybe some of you are curious about what I can make and do. There is always my old blog, still up and running, with lots of creative messes so feel free to have a peek there or you can visit my flickr. Will be back soon with more craft pics and hopefully a shop you can check out.

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