Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You only regret what you don't do

A holiday and a tiresome cold later I’m now in the middle of getting my first items up on the shelf in my Etsy shop. Finally I might add! Phu, all I have to do now is calculate the prices and write good descriptions, easier said than done though as many of you probably know. Doing all this administrative work has really got my hands itching for trying out some new ideas. I’m so much more comfortable doing the practical work and if I could leave the rest to someone else I would without a second thought.

Anyhow, these new ideas of mine include using my sketchbooks for some fancy/weird/funky/arty/odd embroidery on maybe printed fabrics. What exactly they will end up like I don’t know yet. I also want to try something with pom-poms, do some crochet and a little painting. I should tidy up a bit and finish of some UFO’s too. The piles in my craft corner are shouting nasty threats about strikes and collapses. Ever heard those threats yourself?

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