Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Things that takes a lot of time

London is grey, windy and chilly today. I’m having my second cup of green tea for today. Normally I don’t drink that much tea, honestly. But it is slightly chilly in here and autumn like outside so...

I’m keeping crafty busy and thought it about time I show you what I actually do. The perfectionist in me is not all that pleased with the pictures I take at the moment. I’m finding it hard locating a good place in our flat for picture shooting.

James say I’m too fussy and that is probably true so from now on I promise (I’ll try) to update this blog a little more often. Starting with telling you that my etsy shop just needs a few more (time consuming) adjustments and then the first four or so items will be up.

I’ve been putting a whole load of draft listings up so far. A few more adjustments to the descriptions and then all that remain is that last little step, and it’s so hard! You know it’s like jumping head first into something unknown. I’m probably a tad bit too careful about it too.

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