Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Where did autumn go?

I’ve been listening to a Swedish artist all afternoon. Sometimes it is very nice to hear your first language sung. It’s very restful for my head hearing Swedish once in a while. Anyway, my plan today was to get around photo shooting some warming crocheted item; however England decided to offer a late heat wave in late September. I’m a little confused honestly. 

Knowing that if I’d still live in Sweden I’d be going out in shawls and mittens some days and never ever leaving my jacket at home. There would be night frost some nights and all the leaves would have started to turn bright yellow. Well the warmth has put me off the photo shooting so I’ll show you some random photos of things on my desk again. Little projects I’m thinking about. Even some autumn inspiration I brought with me inside... 


jason @ gold work embroidery said...

Look at it as England keeping you on your toes!

We like surprises. Heatwave in October, snow in May, Hailstones in July. It wouldn't be England without it!

Svala said...

Haha, England is sure ful of surprises! Espacially when it comes to the weather. At least it keeps me ready for any weather may it be snow in July or heat waves in December.