Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Insert Any Title You Like Here

You might wonder what I’m up to apart from planning a wedding, a wedding dress and almost forgetting about the shoes. Well, the embroidery is on the move, down to one more flower and a few leaves. I’m waiting for nicer weather in London aka better light for photographing to show you. This cold and grey weather is not very inspiring I have to say.

Big clean during the weekend, about time too! I’ve tried my hand at sour dough for bread making. Yummy! Bit of painting (frustration) has been going on too and the children at my weekend job have given me another sore throat. Moving to another country, with other colds and bugs going about, and working with kiddos is not the best idea I’ve ever had! 

James is having a week of work and is doing magic burgers in the kitchen (I hope they are magic and very good for sore throats). That said we’re off to the fresh air of Somerset for a few days. I wonder if Glastonbury has any nice fabric or yarn shops and if my future in-law and hubby would let me have a look? They have planned a walk to/in Glastonbury you see, so it’s just fair if I get to sniff around for craft materials, right? See you in a week! 

Monday, 23 January 2012


For December this year James made me an advent calendar. He filled it up with chocolate, watercolour paint, silly things in fimo clay and very cheesy love notes. Little did I know that this was part of a grand scheme of his lulling me carefully into the comfy chocolate, paint and cheesy love notes sort of expectations. However, one morning there were Fimo clay rings in the calendar. Very funny I thought since proposals have been a silly joke between us for years now. Well, it was not a joke which the bright green note happily told me. I now have a proper ring, well kind of; it is being resized after falling off my finger while typing on my keyboard. (Thankfully not anywhere else!) We have a wedding date this summer in July (well what is there to engaged without a wedding plan?) and I got a beautiful vintage dress pattern for my wedding dress (well of course, as those who know my taste in dresses would say). So simply, I’m getting married and I couldn’t imagine all the little decisions that have to be made over, honestly, quite silly things. It is a good deal of fun too of course. Still, tying 52 tiny bows, handwriting the same amount of handmade tags and punching out an unimaginable number of small paper hearts is not the first thing you think of doing for your wedding... or do you? The pile is now done, mission complete, and oh boy how wonderful it feels! So now you know what I’ve been up to the last week!

Monday, 16 January 2012

The sketch that turned into the start of an embroidery

The sketches that I showed you in my last post are now transferred to some wool fabric. I’ve even had the time to start stitching. However beautiful and colourful this type of embroidery is, it is also very time consuming and will probably take me a while to finish. I promise I’ll try and remember to snap some WIP pictures to show you though. 

Meantime, here are some pictures of how I went about putting my design together and how it looked like before I started stitching. Traditionally paper templates were used to place flowers and leaves on the fabric and this is the first time I try it properly myself. I have to say it is rather practical!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It started with a sketch and ended with an empty camera battery

I started sketching on an embroidery design the other night very much inspired by a wool embroidery technique called “påsöm” from a place in Sweden called Dala-Floda. It’s not so much the stitches that are special it’s more the style and colourfulness that stand out. The main theme is flowers and plants. Historically this technique was used for decorating wearable items, such as jackets and mittens, and is still used in the traditional folk costume of the area. Anyway, my plan is to make a little bag with embroidery inspired from the “påsöm”. Unfortunately my camera battery died midway through photographing the process and beginning of the embroidery yesterday so I can only show you the sketch today. I will show you some more pictures when I get my camera up and running again, so stay tuned!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Christmas gifts part I

James dad is absolutely crazy about tea. Well admittedly most English people are I’ve noticed. At least you seem to drink a vast amount of it. Anyway, said dad has this saying when it comes to tea; “there’s nothing like a lovely cup of tea!” often exclaimed when after a very long wait (usually no more than a few minutes) he finally holds that precious cup of tea in his hands. Occasionally this also happens if someone suggests a cup of tea would be nice. Now what could be better for someone as addicted to tea as James dad than a tea towel with the exclamation embroidered on it? Unfortunately the photo was taken in a bit of a hurry so the colours are not completely right but I think you get the idea anyway.  

Friday, 6 January 2012

My Owl Barn

If you, like me, have missed this wonderful free download calendar by My Owl Barn, I’d say go and have a look. I love mine and use it as a desk calendar. The best thing is you can choose your own favourite owl pictures for each month! Just go here to make one yourselves!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

On my desk

I doubt I’m the only one making lists at the moment. This list is what’s on my desk at the moment. I’ve crossed off one thing so far... soon two. How are you doing with your to do lists?

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Just before Christmas, the last moment really, I finally had time left over for the much longed for baking of saffron buns. These buns, known as “Lussekatter” or “Lusse cats”, are traditionally eaten from the 13 December as Lucia buns and I had craved them for weeks! They are all gone now but I thought I’d share a photo of them and the raisin bread I baked for Christmas with you. Maybe I’ll make some other saffron buns soon... I still got a little saffron left! Yay!