Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Insert Any Title You Like Here

You might wonder what I’m up to apart from planning a wedding, a wedding dress and almost forgetting about the shoes. Well, the embroidery is on the move, down to one more flower and a few leaves. I’m waiting for nicer weather in London aka better light for photographing to show you. This cold and grey weather is not very inspiring I have to say.

Big clean during the weekend, about time too! I’ve tried my hand at sour dough for bread making. Yummy! Bit of painting (frustration) has been going on too and the children at my weekend job have given me another sore throat. Moving to another country, with other colds and bugs going about, and working with kiddos is not the best idea I’ve ever had! 

James is having a week of work and is doing magic burgers in the kitchen (I hope they are magic and very good for sore throats). That said we’re off to the fresh air of Somerset for a few days. I wonder if Glastonbury has any nice fabric or yarn shops and if my future in-law and hubby would let me have a look? They have planned a walk to/in Glastonbury you see, so it’s just fair if I get to sniff around for craft materials, right? See you in a week! 

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