Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It started with a sketch and ended with an empty camera battery

I started sketching on an embroidery design the other night very much inspired by a wool embroidery technique called “påsöm” from a place in Sweden called Dala-Floda. It’s not so much the stitches that are special it’s more the style and colourfulness that stand out. The main theme is flowers and plants. Historically this technique was used for decorating wearable items, such as jackets and mittens, and is still used in the traditional folk costume of the area. Anyway, my plan is to make a little bag with embroidery inspired from the “påsöm”. Unfortunately my camera battery died midway through photographing the process and beginning of the embroidery yesterday so I can only show you the sketch today. I will show you some more pictures when I get my camera up and running again, so stay tuned!

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