Monday, 13 February 2012

3D Heart Balloon Love Note and Heart Garland Tutorial

As I promised; here is a last minute Valentine’s Day tutorial for those of you panicking a little about what to do/make and are running out of time. All you need for these projects is coloured paper and/or card, a sewing machine, sewing thread, a pencil, scissors and for the tiny heart garland a small heart-punch.
For the Heart Balloon Love Note start by stitching a border around your chosen coloured paper, I’ve used an A5 sized pale blue one for my two Notes. 

Then carry on by cutting out 8 hearts in another coloured paper, I chose pink and light green for my balloons. Cut the top pair of hearts on your little pile slightly smaller than the ones under and those smaller than the ones under... you get the idea! This is to get a nicer shape to the 3D heart balloon. 

Then place it where you want it on the paper with the stitched border, draw the string bit of the balloon very lightly with a pencil and then stitch the heart on to the paper starting from the top so you can sew the heart and the string bit of the balloon all in one go. 

Fold the hearts sides up to get the 3D effect. All done and now it’s time to write something really cheesy for your loved one... This idea would work great on cards to.
For the Heart Garland you need a bunch of tiny paper hearts, your sewing machine and a little bit of patience. 

Stitch one heart at a time by sewing through the middle of one, lift the foot, pull out a little bit of sewing thread, and sew through the next heart... Repeat until it is as long as you want it to be and then; decorate!
I’ve used the left over hearts from our wedding invitations to stitch this garland and attached them randomly; however you can easily do this in any colour, colour order, or shape for that matter, you like. It does require a little bit of patience and some time to spare.
Feel free to ask any questions and let me know what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Update: After trying to make the heart garland on a modern sewing machine it has turned out that you'll need bigger hearts then the ones I've used here in order for the "feed" of the machine to actually move the hearts forward. I'm so sorry if it has caused anyone any trouble!

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