Sunday, 12 February 2012

A freezing London, a sewing machine veteran and wheat

London is freezing at the moment and I have this past two weeks surrendered my Viking blood and put my winter shoes on for the first time this winter. Naively I had expected to experience my first snowless winter ever... but no, that experience will have to wait. 

Meanwhile I’ve been sewing a wheatbag for myself. You see when we travelled back from Somerset a week ago, a very old wonderful sewing machine travelled with us. J’s dad has kindly given it to me and what a sewing machine it is! 

Made the 11 October 1938 it has seen a fair bit I’m sure, but the seams are still heavenly compared to my modern sewing machine back in Sweden. There will be more sewing projects coming up for sure now that I don’t have to hand stitch everything! You know how bigger things can seem very daunting when you’re hand stitching.

I’ll try to post a few last minute Valentine’s Day craft ideas tomorrow for all of you. The sewing machine got me inspired! Now onto dinner, James is cooking again...


Elin said...

Helt fantastisk!

The Dotty One said...

this is very similar to my Singer machine - thay're great aren't they? although very heavy!
PS. Thanks for the crochet website links - will take a look