Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rosa – the very pink little monster

I work for the North London Swedish School two hours almost every Saturday. It’s fun and I got my own group of three year olds now. Every week I plan a 25 minute theme based activity. A few weeks ago the letter R and the colour pink was on the menu together with the weekly theme. I want the children to use all their senses as much as possible when they are learning, especially at such a young age, so that week I set about making a puppet. 

Since Rosa means pink in Swedish and is also a name of course the puppet had to be pink and be called Rosa. She’s made from some pompoms I created a while back (you might remember), a hand-knitted bit of wool I felted in the washing machine and a crochet head. The children all wanted to hold her which felt a little like a success. Big relief! What do you think of this very quickly thrown together pink puppet? To me she looks like a very odd dinosaur, I mean look at that tail! 

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The Dotty One said...

Haha - that's so cute! V creative. Glad it was appreciated!