Thursday, 29 March 2012

How about some wheat for a change

Time just flies at the moment! I don’t seem to get much crafting done at all right now, not that I lack any projects to work on. I just don’t seem to keep up with the clock. Maybe it has to do with the clock going forward an hour this past Sunday? I’m certainly not known for handling time changes well considering I usually get a little bit jetlagged travelling to Sweden with their one hour time difference. Anyhow, I must have managed to do something lately because I still have a few things I can show you! This wheat bag for one... Made from scraps and recycled materials with an inner “pillow” filled with wheat. So much safer than a warm water bottle if you ask me and it keeps warm longer too. 

I’ve also made these up-cycled paper bracelets from old Gudrun Sjödén catalogues. Quite nice actually and great when you get bored and want something new! Just put them in the paper recycle and make a new one. So simple! You got any nice up-cycle/recycle/redoing craft project going at the moment? Please let me know I’d love some inspiration!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What to make from your boyfriends old jeans

I’ve been trying to get along with James computer for a few days now. Mine decided to stop working all together and that’s that. Well, I’ve finally pulled myself together and reshot those few photos that I lost in the break down and am now ready to get blogging again.

Along the lines of a more sustainable lifestyle I’m trying to reduce our textile consumption by recycling our cloths etc. Of course it’s also a fun challange thinking up new uses for materials and make it work. With all that in mind I used James old jeans to make a new pillowcase for one of the cushions in our sofa. I’m quite pleased with the result! But then I’m quite week for bird motifs. Anyone got any good up cycle/recycle/redoing project going at the moment? I’d love to hear about them!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Computer problems

My computer has completely stoped working now. I have no photos on James computer and feeling a bit guted by the backlash I'll be back eventually... Hopefuly sooner rather then later.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wedding preparations

A while ago I told you I am getting married later this year. I’ve been ranting about shoes and fabric for my dress for quite some time now. The shoes are thankfully taken care of already, reducing my stress levels with quite a bit I tell you. There’s nothing so daunting as to buy shoes!

James ears must be worn out with my fabric related rants by now but the truth is I’m actually struggling finding the right fabric. You know the one that is just right. I’ve been to most haberdashery and fabric shops in central London finding everything apart from that fabric. A half panic internet search has come up with an intriguing shop who sells organic fabrics in London. After just finishing India Flint’s book Second skin - choosing and caring for textiles and clothing I’m very much inclined to go and have a look. (The book has also given me an immense longing for sheep fleece!) Meanwhile I’ve started work on my idea for a head decoration thing. Choosing to modernise an old tradition of wreaths and crowns (sometimes both) for the bride’s hair very much present in older times I’ve started sketching in 3D. I quite like the outcome so far. My dilemma however is whether or not to add some flowers...