Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wedding preparations

A while ago I told you I am getting married later this year. I’ve been ranting about shoes and fabric for my dress for quite some time now. The shoes are thankfully taken care of already, reducing my stress levels with quite a bit I tell you. There’s nothing so daunting as to buy shoes!

James ears must be worn out with my fabric related rants by now but the truth is I’m actually struggling finding the right fabric. You know the one that is just right. I’ve been to most haberdashery and fabric shops in central London finding everything apart from that fabric. A half panic internet search has come up with an intriguing shop who sells organic fabrics in London. After just finishing India Flint’s book Second skin - choosing and caring for textiles and clothing I’m very much inclined to go and have a look. (The book has also given me an immense longing for sheep fleece!) Meanwhile I’ve started work on my idea for a head decoration thing. Choosing to modernise an old tradition of wreaths and crowns (sometimes both) for the bride’s hair very much present in older times I’ve started sketching in 3D. I quite like the outcome so far. My dilemma however is whether or not to add some flowers... 

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