Monday, 16 April 2012

Nothing new under the craft umbrella but hey, I found the fabric!

I’ve almost recovered from the bridesmaids visit now. I don’t know if London has yet though. However, I don’t have much to show you I’m afraid. I’m mostly working on wedding related stuff and sewing a bit. Nothing is finished though and in a little over a week I’m off to Sweden for wedding dress making. Should I already think about packing you think? There’s so much to remember! Like wedding dress fabrics, my nephews’ birthday gifts, sugar paste for my sister to play around with as preparations for the wedding cake later this summer, paper work for the Swedish authorities and the normal stuff you need for two weeks away.

As not to confuse anyone I found the fabric for the dress! At Ray Stitch on Essex Rd in Angel if anyone was curious. If you ever happen to be around that area swing by... they have gorgeous organic fabrics among other things. For my dress I chose an organic bamboo silk. It’s gorgeous, light and just right! Hopefully it’ll be a dream to work with too. I think James is quite pleased I found it, at least his ears are! But rest assured; I’m now going on about table decorations and food!

Images depict the fabric and flowers I hand stitched that I might use for my wreath... 

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