Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Another jubilee and I'm home

Paper work - kind of a traditional party decoration
I’ve been back in London for some days now getting used to the big city craziness. After my two weeks in Sweden with very little sound pollution and even less people it was a bit of a shock landing at Gatwick Airport late Wednesday evening last week.

Woven and/or embroidered mostly in wool
Sweden was good. My wedding dress is to the essentials made, even if it was tight time wise! Most of the big things regarding the wedding have been set in motion and we’re drowning in to do lists. Feels a bit crazy and stressful actually but we’re working through it.

Wood work bowl with teeth
Even if most of my time was spent sewing or preparing and planning for the wedding I did have time for some other things. The opening of a jubilee craft exhibition in Falun was one thing I went to with my Mom and her friend. It was great seeing some contemporary Swedish crafts developed from all the craft traditions that are still very much alive in Sweden.

Pillowcases made from old, probably handwoven, linnen towels
It was also wonderful to see how an environmental friendly approach has become more prominent and important to many crafters there. Which I kind of miss here in design crazy London actually. There seem to be more happiness and playfulness in the Swedish craft scene too. Local amateur based ones as well as the professional ones. I have a theory about that though much to do with society, culture, politics and mindsets. Maybe more about that some other time.

More funny paper work
I’ll show you some more photos from Sweden soon. First here are some photos from the exhibition. 

Embroidered bags in wool

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