Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wedding craft projects

Here’s a quick update for you! I’m wading through wedding related craft projects, things I really can’t show you yet. Like the things in the photos or the cake toppers which make me giggle a bit. There are headbands for the bridesmaids and me on top of organising a lot of people back in Sweden. In between things I’m baking cakes for the fun of it and working slowly on a hand stitched patchwork. It works as a break from all the wedding hysteria and who’s ever said no to cake? James work colleges sure never have and I think they quite like the idea of me making cakes for them.

James birthday is coming up soon too and for once I’m a little lost for gift ideas. Anyone got good tips? He got everything he needs, the worst kind you know, to think up gifts for. I’ll make him a cake for sure but there must be something else out there that would be a great gift too.  

Right, I need to tend to the cake in the oven... See you soon!

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