Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A little sign of life and a wonderful bouquet

So here we are. I’m a wife. Today a rather grumpy version of a wife. (Another water leak, this time pretty serious, and a reluctant landlord do not go well together. Let’s not talk about it shall we?) We’ve kind of settled down again after all the wedding things and our honeymoon. I’ve got a part time job as a nanny of all things. I get to speak Swedish which is good, I were almost forgetting my first language. Seriously, I’m not kidding there. I still struggle remembering some words in Swedish just as I do a lot in English. It can get rather frustrating sometimes not speaking any language properly but still good enough.

My plan is to try an update you about all those wedding crafts and bits and pieces that I, and others like my Mother, have been doing the last 6 months. Everything from the dress to decorations. There are some things already up on my swinglish blog but in a rather random fashion. I thought I’d give you the proper narrative here starting in the next few days. I need to run off to work in a little and have lunch before. Mean while this is my wedding bouquet that my very talented sister put together for me. Nice huh? 

See you back here soon!

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