Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The wedding – part 1

This post has been in the back of my head for almost a week now. So many things has been in the way, like the dry rot we have in our bathroom and the shower looking a lot like a forensic team has been in there with their white plastic sheets, you know like you see in all those crime TV series. Uncertainty about where we’ll be in a few weeks time didn’t help either. We need to move out while our landlord deal with the entire floor in or bathroom, and if we’re unlucky tear down a few walls and built them up again. Not so very good. 

On a happier note I thought I’d tell you about what we did in Sweden in April/May this year. It was in many ways the start of the most intensive planning period for our wedding. We visited the venue and I started making my dress together with my Mother. We also got the whole paper circus going when we submitted all the legal papers to the Swedish authorities. Quite important two months they were. 

I flew out a week before James to start the dress making. We needed to do a lot of changes to the vintage pattern I’d bought and I was a bit to chicken to cut up the fabric when the time came. Mom however was not! Before we left we had a good start for a finished dress though... 

The view from the outdoor venue was nicer then I remembered it, a bit gray in early Swedish spring but we knew that with summer around the corner it would be beautiful in July. The reception was to be held a stone’s throw away in an adjoining community hall. Of course we could have a proper look inside. It’s very Swedish and typical this specific area of Sweden. We felt reassured and happy with it and could start the decoration planning for real after that visit. 

Next time I’ll show you some of the decorations I/we made leading up to the wedding.

See you soon!

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